Synthetic Oil Change Service in Buena Park, CA

Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic Oil Change at Premier CDJR of Buena Park

An oil change isn’t something you’re going to want to wait on, as going over the recommended mileage could be detrimental to your engine’s long-term health. When you’re looking to quickly have your vehicle serviced near Buena Park, Anaheim, or Los Angeles, you’ll want to stop by Premier CDJR of Buena Park, where our mechanics can quickly have your vehicle squared away.

Why Oil Is So Important

Your engine needs oil in order to run, but you might wonder why it’s so important. When your vehicle is running, metal is moving at high speeds within your engine in order to keep cycling gas and air. This creates a lot of friction, which can quickly turn into heat. In some cases, an engine running without oil can get so hot that it melts itself, which can be irreparable. When oil is traveling through your engine, it not only lubricates all of these moving metal gears and pieces but also helps to dissipate heat on the surface of these parts. This is the main reason that your oil level will get lower over time, as these high temperatures can cause it to dissipate. Oil is still a necessity for gas-powered engines, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on your service so that your engine doesn’t become damaged.

Time for New Oil

If you’re wondering if you need an oil change, there are a few easy ways to tell. Since an oil change is one of the most common services that your car will need, your model should have a dipstick underneath the hood. This handy tool will let you know exactly what your oil level and quality is. When you remove it from your vehicle, simply wipe it down, put it back where it was, and take it out again in order to determine how your vehicle is doing. If you notice discoloration, a sludge-like consistency, or that there’s little to no oil at all, you’re going to want to schedule an immediate service. If you’ve had your vehicle serviced before, you might also have a sticker that outlines an estimated mileage or date. It’s important to keep track of this, as it’s an easy way to know when it’s time for maintenance.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

When you bring your vehicle into the dealership, you’ll be asked to choose from either synthetic oil or conventional motor oil. Synthetic oil is a man-made variant of oil that offers better viscosity retention, lubrication, and sludge prevention. Because of this, your vehicle can go much longer before its next oil change in comparison to conventional motor oil, which may only last an average of 3,000 miles. Synthetic oil can go over twice as long in comparison, clocking in between an average of 7,000 and 10,000 miles. This is great if you find yourself constantly on the road, as you won’t have to worry about needing service for quite some time. It’s also better for your engine, as it was designed by engineers to offer the best possible quality.

Do you need an oil change? You can easily schedule online, or visit Premier CDJR of Buena Park for your next service.