Car Connection Praises the Pacifica as a Best Buy

January 28th, 2021 by


The newest Chrysler Pacifica is quickly picking up steam as 2021 wears on. The minivan already holds prestige as one of Chryslers best and brightest family vehicles, and for four years running has earned award after award from top safety and editorial institutions. This year model has been hailed by famed vehicle resource page Car Connection, and even with a ton of choices the website chooses the Pacifica as a top pick for 2021. The Car Connection cites the Pacifica’s space, sophistication, driving quality, and overall practicality as reason behind its top marks. This year makes its fourth year as the website’s best minivans.

The Chrysler Pacifica brings a refreshing refinement to the minivan class, and the top model named “Pinnacle” is one of the most luxurious minivans yet. Nappa leather seats, lumbar pillows, and a redesigned Ultra-Console are the main highlights of the Pinnacle, putting all passengers into the lap of pure luxury. The Pacifica also has a hybrid model, which is blowing away the competition by an all-new level of fuel efficiency by hitting a massive 80 miles per gallon. Even the exterior has been revamped to look more athletic, defined by sloping contours and more modern elements that makes the vehicle more attractive than ever.

The Pacifica was not just named the best pick for its design features, also plays host to a ton of exciting new technology and safety elements that continues its award-winning legacy. The infotainment system is housed in the largest touchscreen yet seen in the Pacifica’s class, and comes with the latest system from Chrysler, the Uconnect 5. Additional screens for the second row keep everyone entertained, with options for built in games as well as a full theater system. The vehicle also has an interior camera, FamCam, that lets you keep an eye on all the vehicle’s occupants from the center touchscreen in the front row. The vehicle is home to over 90 safety features that all come standard with the Pacifica, and the AWD makes traveling a breeze in those less-than-ideal weather conditions.

The Car Connection is thrilled to make the Pacifica its top buy for four years running, taking prestige over many SUVs as an all-around capable, sophisticated vehicle. The Car Connection is a consumer must while shopping for vehicles, as they provide the ability to compare vehicle specifications side-by-side, give overall vehicle ratings, and so much more. You can even use them to stay up to date on pertinent research and upcoming information, as the website provides personalized insight to new vehicle releases, pros and cons to many available vehicles, and can help you decide which car, truck, SUV, or minivan is right for you.

Chrysler created the Pacifica and it eventually became the successor to the now discontinued Chrysler Town & Country Minivan. The automaker continues to reinvent the minivan, making it one of the most revolutionary family vehicles on the market with its amazing gas mileage, technology features, and its all-wheel drive systems. The company will assuredly continue to evolve the Pacifica, but with its bold and brilliant elements, the Chrysler Minivan is experiencing huge success so far in 2021.

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