Dodge eMuscle Coming Soon

July 26th, 2021 by

2021 Dodge eMuscle

For those who love American Muscle, the automotive world has been headed in a rather unsettling direction. Electric cars have been all the rage, with their focus on eliminating emissions and providing an eco-friendly alternative to the monster motors that make American Muscle so beloved. However, Dodge has come to the aide of American Muscle fans with the announcement of the Dodge EV coming in 2024. This new ride is called eMuscle, but it has a distinct feel of something old and something new.

More Details

Only a few teaser details have been released about the coming of eMuscle. However, the greatest intrigue is that this new car will sport some of the same features and style of the beloved muscle cars from the 1960s and 70s. Most notably, the Fratzog logo is expected to adorn the nose of this latest iteration of an authentic piece of American heritage. The idea is that one small logo will create a bridge that spans over half a century of innovation and excitement from the gearheads at Dodge.

As of yet, there is no confirmation of a two-door Challenger or a four-door Charger wearing the latest Fratzog. But it has been made clear that the new eMuscle is likely to sport one of the three unibody designs offered by Stallantis, the parent company of Dodge. And the hope is that this newly refined beast will deliver a range of around 500 miles for your driving pleasure.

The latest video released with the announcement of eMuscle also reveals a few more subtle details. The body style is wide and low, following the traditional look of American Muscle. In addition, the car in the video is performing a four-wheel burnout which indicates that the new offering will deliver all-wheel drive for added fun and handling.

Looking To The Future

The move to electric muscle is an obvious choice for a long-term future. Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stallantis, predicts that more than 40% of all North American car sales will be battery electric or plug-in hybrids by 2030. And that number will increase to 70% for sales in Europe. So by releasing eMuscle in 2024, Dodge will once again be leading the way for the future of American Muscle. Only this time, the cars will be environmentally friendly.

A Company Initiative

While American Muscle is a considerable part of automotive culture and history, there is more to Dodge than superfast cars that make you grin like a small child. The company is looking to protect the future of the planet and meet the needs of all drivers. Less fanfare followed the announcement that 2024 would also mark the release of the battery electric RAM 1500. This very functional truck will also be blazing a path for others to follow with more mindful vehicles that get the job done without destroying the planet.

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