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Transmission Service at Premier CDJR of Buena Park

Transmission service is a very important part of routine maintenance because it keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Just like oil changes and brake service, transmission service should be completed on the schedule recommended by your owner’s manual or a professional technician. To keep your vehicle performing at its best even as the years go by and the miles add up, schedule transmission service at Premier Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Buena Park in California. Give us a call or come by next time you’re around Anaheim, Buena Park, or Cerritos.

Why Is Transmission Service Important?

In some ways, transmission service can be compared to an oil change. Like the oil of an engine, the transmission has a special fluid that eventually needs to be replaced to keep it protected. The transmission fluid will degrade over time, therefore losing its effectiveness. So, what is the purpose of transmission fluid? This fluid protects the transmission by keeping it clean and lubricated. It also cools the gears that bring power from the engine to the drive wheels. Without this fluid, the transmission will face premature damage which is why it is important to take your vehicle in for transmission service on a routine basis.

What Takes Place During Transmission Service?

What happens during transmission service will depend on a couple of different factors. First of all, a technician will assess whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission. These two types of transmissions have different needs. For example, an automatic transmission requires a fluid called automatic transmission fluid while a manual transmission may require a range of fluids such as hypoid gear oil, motor oil, or even automatic transmission fluid. So, what takes place during transmission service will depend on the needs of your vehicle. Usually, the technician will drain the old transmission fluid before adding the correct amount of new fluid. They will also evaluate whether or not the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, clean the transmission pan, and sometimes reinstall a new pan gasket.

Signs That You Could Have a Transmission Problem

If it has been a while since your vehicle’s last transmission service, it’s a good idea to look for signs of wear and tear. Even if your vehicle is up to date on its routine maintenance, transmission fluid could still become contaminated. Here are a few of the signs that could indicate a problem with the transmission:

  • You have difficulty switching gears
  • An unusual sound such as a grinding noise from underneath your vehicle when the engine is running
  • Your vehicle doesn’t move when you press on the gas

As soon as you notice these signs or any other changes in your vehicle, it’s important that you seek professional advice or refer to your owner’s manual immediately. A damaged transmission or other vehicle issues need to be diagnosed and repaired in order for you to be safe in your vehicle.

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