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MOPAR Shock and Strut Suspension Service

Shocks and struts are an important part of the suspension systems of Chrysler Dodge Jeep and RAM vehicles. Every vehicle has one or the other but never both. They have basically the same job for vehicles by providing a more comfortable ride, but they accomplish the task in different ways.

Struts are part of the structure of the steering system. They play a significant role in wheel alignment because of the way they are mounted to the chassis. Shocks absorb bumps in the road because they have a spring and piston. They prevent the vehicle from bouncing as you drive. Because shocks and struts have a tough job to do, they will show wear and tear over time. If you don’t take care of them at the beginning signs, it could become a serious safety hazard.

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  • How Do I Know If My Vehicle Needs Service for Shocks or Struts?

    When shocks or struts wear out, they make it difficult to steer and handle safely. Don’t ignore signs of suspension problems because you can get it fixed at Premier Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Buena Park. Some signs of a suspension problem include the following:

    • Shaking or vibration in the steering wheel, especially after the vehicle hits a bump in the road
    • Suspension bottoms out when backing up or on a rough road
    • Sways in high winds or takes a nosedive when you put on the brakes
    • Knocking sound when you take corners

    Shock & Strut Suspension Service

    The goal of shock & strut suspension service at Premier Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Buena Park is to get your steering and handling back to the factory specifications. When the struts and shocks are in prime condition, you get maximum contact with the road for prime stability and more responsive handling. You also enjoy a smoother ride. If you notice signs that your struts or shocks aren’t in prime condition, it’s easy to get the problem fixed with our service department. We are conveniently located close to work or home in Buena Park to make repairs fast and easy for your vehicle.

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