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Lakewood Restaurants

Great Restaurants in Lakewood

Lakewood is a widely known piece of the Greater Los Angeles Area. As is common in large cities, cultures come together to celebrate their homes and influences by way of local cuisine. Lakewood has a ton of great dining experiences.

George’s Greek Café

This huge, white restaurant and its bright blue lettering is a standout on Lakewood’s restaurant row across from the Lakewood shopping mall. Now expanded from its small, delicatessen roots, George’s family owned Greek Café has turned into a popular restaurant with three locations in the region. Fit for all occasions from large events to small parties, George’s has the space and the ambiance for any occasion. The menu is full of delicious authentic Greek Cuisine made with only the finest, freshest ingredients. Enjoy a falafel or a grilled steak Mediterranean style. Also check out their weekly Sunday brunch which is a huge draw for hungry customers.

Cluck & Blaze

The Cluck & Blaze is a family owned niche restaurant in the heart of Lakewood. Serving primarily Nashville-style fried chicken dishes, on this menu you can find chicken sandwiches, wraps, strips, mac and cheese, and deep-fried chicken by the quarter or the half. Customers in this grab and go style restaurant can choose varying degrees of spice on their dishes, but the restaurant boasts some of the hottest food in Southern California.

Stonefire Grill

The best combination of dine-in and fast food is represented by the Stonefire Grill in Lakewood. Designed for fine cuisine but ordered at the counter, the traditional American menu of the Stonefire grill is posted for all to see in their warm, contemporary restaurant on Del Amo Boulevard. On their expansive list of food dishes, you can order for the individual, for the family, or even dishes that can satisfy large groups of people. Enjoy a rack of ribs, beautiful roasted chickens, or even a customizable pizza. The Stonefire Grill covers parties and catering for all occasions.

Foggia Italian Market and Deli

This deli/food market is some of the best Italian in Lakewood. The shop may be small with its to-go style menu, but both hot and cold food items pack a serious punch in the way of taste and authenticity. The menu offers a ton of variety from full hot dishes to cold Italian sandwiches, even American favorites such as a Philly cheese steak or a simple BLT. Enjoy a glorious cheese ravioli dish or snack on a Chicago Italian beef dip sandwich. The deli also offers a selection of homemade Cannoli for those with favoring a sweeter treat.


Genkiyaki offers a unique menu, featuring Japanese, American, Mexican, and Korean fusion. Everything on their menu was creative exclusive to the restaurant and offers a made-to-order experience made of healthy ingredients at affordable prices. Choose your own level of spice while ordering their ninja fries, their furious chicken bow, or their barbecue short ribs. Locally, Genkiyaki is known for their “death taco,” which hits over 100,000 on the Scoville Scale, and the “Zombie Burrito,” which has large doses of hot ghost pepper sauce. Both are sampled at your own risk!

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