Bakeries in Fullerton

Bakeries in Fullerton

This northern region of Orange County is a highly populated and widely diverse area. With a greatly varying demographic, bakeries in Fullerton range everywhere from delicious treats only found at farmer’s markets to authentic Mexican baked goods. See what’s in store for you in Fullerton.

Ruben’s Bakery

A favorite among locals, Ruben’s Bakery is hailed as one of the best neighborhood bakeries in the area. This small, local Fullerton bakery is packed full to the brim with display cases featuring their many baked-fresh daily goods. Ruben’s specializes in a variety of Mexican baked treats that include everything from Mexican wedding cookies to Mexican sweet breads. In addition to an array of authentic Mexican baked goods, they also take custom orders for cakes and cupcakes for your loved one’s birthday, anniversary, or other special day.

DeLeon’s Bakery

This small bakery features an excellent menu full of authentic Mexican baked goods along with an outstanding selection of donuts. Everything from bollios, conchas, empanadas, and many more. This neighborhood bakery also does customizable cakes, which covers everything from small birthday cakes to elaborate, multi-tiered wedding cakes. This family owned restaurant has had several locations throughout the area, but finally settled into a quiet Fullerton neighborhood. Don’t forget to order one of their locally famed coffees to go with your baked goods!

Patty’s Cakes

Beginning in 1985, Patty began baking out of her Fullerton home while raising her three sons. Although her bakery business was highly successful, Patty maintained her home business until October 2010, when she was able to open a full sized bakery in her hometown Fullerton. While Patty’s advertises the basic cakes, cookies, and cupcakes menu, her options for arrangements and flavors are nearly limitless. For everything from a single cake to a multi-tiered elaborate cupcake arrangement, Patty will help you create your dream dessert for your special event.

Dolce Monachelli’s

Dolce Monachelli’s specializes in gourmet bundt cakes. From recipe’s past down throughout generations of the Monachelli Family, they use only the finest, locally sourced ingredients to bring the best of their baked goods to their Los Angeles neighborhood. This small bakery works primarily out of local farmers markets but also has a small baking shop in Fullerton. The more popular gourmet bundt cake flavors that sell include butter rum, red velvet, chocolate, pineapple and more. These cakes can be found from sizes ranging from the palm of your hand to full size, 8+ inch cakes.

Hapa Cupcakes and Cakes

Hapa Cupcakes and Cakes specializes in alcohol-infused baked goods to give a special twist to your special day. The bakery provides everything from cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, truffles, macaroons and more. They can even squeeze your favorite dessert into a shot glass. Each item on their menu comes in a wide array of gourmet flavors and inquiries can be made into their multitude of customization options. From simple cakes or cupcake assortments, Hapa’s can also make an entire dessert table with all of your favorite items for your special event.