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Cerritos Restaurants

Local Cuisine in Cerritos

Serving as suburb for Los Angeles, Cerritos is a heavily populated and exciting area. With dense cities comes diversity, which brings about cuisine from all over the world. Cerritos is no exception; it has many popular fusion restaurants combine fine dining with made-to-order food.

Sup Noodle Bar

This restaurant has a tall and narrow venue that is widely known to locals in the area craving a great bowl of noodles. The menu is a unique combination of Asian fusion and Peruvian food. Although they haven’t established a clear identity, it is known that the restaurant does a great job delivering on its offered dishes. Enjoy a glorious and customizable bowl of pho on a cold day, or perhaps their famous bao dumplings. In other offerings, they have delicious house fries, Asian-inspired chicken wings, house garlic noodles, or lemongrass curry. Eat in at this fine restaurant in Lakewood.

Belly Bombz Kitchen

Evolving from a tent at a farmer’s market, to a food truck, and finally to a store front with now three locations, Belly Bombz Kitchen is a Korean inspired restaurant with an American twist. Offered at their restaurants are Korean barbeque chicken burgers, rice bowls, and massive chicken wing platters. Enjoy specialized items such as the white truffle burger, their short rib poutine, and the popular kimchi fried rice bowl. Their wings come in a dozen different available flavors with varying levels of spice. Belly Bombz Kitchen was voted “Best Burger Restaurant” from the Santa Anita Craft Beer and Wing Festival.

Kabab Crush

Flavorful Mediterranean fare found at Kabob Crush is celebrated by many looking for unique but authentic cuisine. Family-owned and operated, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes from Greece and the Middle East. The restaurant is counter style with paper plates but offers large seating areas both inside and outside. The dishes are known for being colorful with individual attention given to each plate creating an artistic flair. Enjoy a massive plate of Chicken Shawarma, or enjoy a Kabab made of your favorite meat. With its hummus and falafel dishes, the restaurant is also vegetarian friendly.

LA Brisket

L.A. Brisket has a warm and inviting storefront with rustic wood paneling and vintage lights which only adds to its warm and delectable aromas. Traditional plates can’t be found here, but rather mini baking sheets and foil wrapped savory dishes. This restaurant features barbeque chicken, brisket, and pork. Eat your favorite meat by the pound, or in a tasty sandwich so big you’ll have trouble wrapping your hands around them. Sides are traditional barbecue with a homemade flavorful twist. Traditional or sweet potato fries, handmade coleslaw, or home cooked potato salad are great additions to your barbeque meal.

Sauced Up

One of the more unique restaurants in the area that features a Canadian-Asian Fusion menu, which has helped them become a local standout. The eatery is counter-style ordering but offers a modern interior that is ready to host many hungry visitors. Poutine is one of Sauced Up’s most famous offerings but with unique bases such as Ahi-Poke, lobster, and pork belly. Enjoy also a wide variety of wings and burgers. Another addition to the menu is a Cajun-style option, with Cajun seafood bags, Cajun fries, clam chowder, or a crowd favorite, Cajun Calamari.

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