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Alignment Service at Premier CDJR of Buena Park

Transmission service is a very important part of routine maintenance because it keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Just like oil changes and brake service, transmission service should be completed on the schedule recommended by your owner’s manual or a professional technician. To keep your vehicle performing at its best even as the years go by and the miles add up, schedule transmission service at Premier Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Buena Park in California. Give us a call or come by next time you’re around Anaheim, Buena Park, or Cerritos.

What Causes Wheel Misalignment?

There are a few common reasons why a vehicle’s wheels become misaligned. For instance, if you get in an accident, your wheels and tires can move out of the correct position. This can happen even if you only hit a curb, run over debris, or drive over a pothole. Your wheels could also shift position if you drive over gravel roads or any other type of terrain that isn’t smooth. Other factors that can lead to misalignment include changing or adjusting parts of your suspension system and replacing your tires.

As you can see, your wheels can easily become misaligned, even if you drive carefully. That is why it’s important to take your vehicle in for alignment service once a year, or twice a year if you drive on rough terrains on a regular basis. You’ll also want to schedule an alignment service after you get new tires or if you experience an accident, even if the accident is minor.

Signs That Your Wheels Are Misaligned

It’s important to learn about the different signs of misalignment so you can know when’s the right time to schedule alignment service. Common signs of wheel misalignment include:

  • Your steering wheel is not centered even when your vehicle is pointed straight
  • Your tires are experiencing abnormal and uneven wear
  • You notice that your vehicle pulls to one side when you drive

If you notice any of these signs, you’ll want to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. These issues can also be the result of a different problem entirely, so you’ll want a professional to conduct an inspection to get to the root of the issue.

Why Do You Need Alignment Service?

Alignment service is important because it protects your vehicle and its tires from damage and excessive wear and tear. You’ll have to replace your tires more often if they face uneven wear.  Wheel alignment also plays a role in your vehicle’s performance and handling. Protecting your vehicle and keeping it in good condition through routine maintenance and quality repairs is necessary to keep you safe out on the road.

If you’d like to schedule alignment service at our service department at Premier Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Buena Park, give us a call or use our online service scheduler.